How much is a weed? List of marijuana prices in different cities around the world

Planning your cannabis trip and choosing a country to visit, you should take into account 2 crucial aspects: cannabis legality and marijuana price. Here we compile the list of the places to visit to consume weed legally with all the cannabis prices mentioned. So, let’s elaborate on the cost of weed in the world and check the top ten countries with the highest and lowest prices.

The cannabis price index of cities where it is legal to consume weed

We promote responsible cannabis consumption. That’s why we choose the countries and cities where weed is legalized or at least partially legalized/decriminalized. Also, we urge you to avoid the black market not to get in trouble. So, read a brief overview of the places to enjoy high-quality cannabis, find out how much it costs there, and compare prices checking the table below.


Certainly, this city leads the world in cannabis culture. That’s why we start our list with it. The weed price depends on where you get it and what you get. Each coffeeshop has its own menu with several varieties of cannabis products on offer and the prices differ a lot.

First and foremost, you pay for quality. Also, the location of the coffee shop does matter in Amsterdam. Thus, the weed is more expensive in the coffeeshops placed in the center of the city, and the closer the coffeeshop is to it the higher the cost is.

Herewith, you can purchase marijuana:

  • €5 per gram and that is a budget choice;
  • €15 per gram to get high-quality cannabis;
  • €40 per gram is the cost of the prestige weed to enjoy.

In case you prefer pre-filled joints, you can have them as well. The price ranges from €3.50 and up to €5. The hash costs from €4 to €35+.


This city is on its way to become the world's new cannabis capital. Currently, there are about 200 coffee shops in Barcelona to join and visit. Mind the rules of the cannabis clubs. Yes, you should become a member to acquire weed in Barcelona. The variety of cannabis materials is more than just wide. So does the price. So, you can get weed from €8 up to €25+ per gram. Everything depends on a coffee shop and the strain you’re going to get. There are 15 best cannabis strains that are worth trying. Learn more about them to choose the perfect one for you.


Currently, it’s allowed to purchase cannabis products for recreational use legally. Besides, in the context of the price, the legal aspect plays a key role. Due to StatsCannabis reports, in January 2020, the price for legal cannabis was $7.51-$13.25 per gram in Ontario. Choosing the black market, you can save a few bucks, yet the quality is questioned. What’s more, the price for legal weed is not too high to risk.

Los Angeles

L.A. is another 420-friendly city with a lot of dispensaries where adult cannabis consumers (21+ years old) can purchase marijuana for recreational use. You can even get some cannabis tours if you wish. Yes, you have all the 420-properties you can only imagine. Any whim for your money! The price is based on quality and purpose. Here is how much 1 gram of materials can cost in dispensaries averagely:


Aussie cannabis lovers can celebrate because weed is legal in the Australian Capital Territory. Yep, since the new laws came into effect on 31 January 2020, Aussies are allowed to cultivate 2 plants, possess 50 grams of dry and 150 grams of wet cannabis materials. Though the sale and supply are on the way to legalization, it's easy to find and get cannabis. So, you purchase $20 per 1 gram of very chronic hydro, and $10 for 1 gram of average organic bud. Remember that the possession in a private place is legal in ATC.

Weed Price Comparison Table

So, for your comfort, here is a comparison table of the weed prices by strains in the cities described above (price per gram).

Strain Amsterdam Barcelona Toronto Los Angeles Canberra
Zkittlez (Indica) - €12 €7.60 - -
Amnesia (Sativa) €11 €10 - €8.44 €6.75
OG Kush (Sativa) €16 €13 €5.06 €4.22 €11.82
AK-47 (Sativa) €26 €10 - €4.22 €8.44
Gorilla Glue (Hybrid) €16 €16 €8.44 €11.82 €11.82
Gelato (Hybrid) €17 €17 €6.75 €8.440 €12.66
ACDC (Hybrid) - €12 - - -

Cheapest countries for buying marijuana

Rank Country City Price per gram Legality
1 Ecuador Quito US$1.34 Partial/Decriminalized
2 Colombia Bogota US$2.2 Partial/Medical use
3 Paraguay Asuncion US$2.22 Partial/Medical use
4 Uruguay Montevideo US$4.15 Legal
5 Belgium Antwerp US$4.29 Partial/Decriminalized

Are you curious about where the least expensive marijuana in the world is? Here we are with our top 5 places with the most cost-effective weed offered. So, if you search for a budget choice, then check the table.

Most expensive countries for buying marijuana

If you plan a budget weed trip, then this part of the post will be useful for you. Below you’ll find a table with the top 5 places where it’s the most expensive to buy marijuana. Look through it and learn all the crucial data to mind mentioned there.

Rank Country City Cost per gram Legality
1 Thailand Bangkok US$24.81 Partial/Medical use
2 Estonia Tallinn US$20.98 Partial/Decriminalized
3 Norway Oslo US$19.44 Partial/Decriminalized
4 USA Washington, DC US$18.08 Legal
5 Germany Munich US$14.56 Partly depenalized

Who smokes the most?

Knowing the most and least expensive marijuana places around the world, let’s check out the places with the highest weed consumption in the world. Here is a table with the top 3 places in the world with the highest consumption rate at metric tons of cannabis per year.

Rank Country City Total consumption tons per year Price per gram Legality
1 USA New York 77.44 US$10.76 Partial/Medical use
2 USA Los Angeles 36.06 US$8.14 Legal
3 USA Chicago 24.54 US$11.46 Partial/Medical use

So, New York (NY) is the undisputed leader globally. Yes, it’s hard to beat such statistics as 77.44 metric tons of cannabis consumed per year. Herewith, NY ranks #1 internationally by a wide margin the city of Angels (36.06 metric tons per year). The crucial thing to point out is that weed in NY is partially legal when it’s totally legal in Los Angeles. Keep it in mind when planning your marijuana trip. Though the USA are global leaders, not only America but Canada, Toronto, is the place for legal weed consumption. This country takes the fourth rank in the world with 22.75 tons per year consumed and the average price per gram of weed there is US$7.51.

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